Advancements in technology tend to use large amounts of mineral resources, which has left the industry with a potential scarcity of some minerals society needs. The problem is, when there is a shortage, it can have a negative effect on price. and uses most often. That makes the work of mineral prospectors like Mick Schmazian enormously important. When supplies of some minerals are less than steady, it becomes far too easy for some players to manipulate the market to their own benefit, which usually means to the detriment of others.

With the march of technology, many mineral resources could someday be replaced. However, until that happens, many industries depend heavily on the strong efforts of mineral prospectors like Mick Schmazian to help keep the flow of certain minerals moving and to help keep the economy productive and moving forward. Mineral prospectors use tried and true methods and systems for locating mineral resources and then extracting them, which means they tend to keep prices lower than they otherwise would be. That is certainly good for everyone, from companies and manufacturers to consumers.

As a mineral prospector, Mick Schmazian certainly defies the stereotype of a man with a pick and a big hat, carrying his tools on a burro to the canyons of the American Southwest. Mineral prospecting is a highly skilled profession, and Mick Schmazian is highly regarded in that work. Regardless of whether a prospector is conducting a search for gold, silver, oil, coal, diamonds, or some other mineral that is critical to building technologically advanced systems, the mineral prospector is usually involved in every step and every stage of the process, from start to finish. That’s for good reason.